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X UTERO (a Cluster of Comics): Collection of 10 short comics on subjects of fertility, language used for miscarriage, heredity and more. A5, full colour, 20pp on 160g white recycled paper.


UK £4.50
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Europe £6.00
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World £7.00
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SPOOKY WOMB (A true-ish uterine tale): A woman’s relationship with her uterus! A5, 12pp, b&w with hand-coloured cover elements in pencil crayon and acrylic paint. 100% recycled paperstock.

UK £3.00
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Europe £4.00
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World £5.00
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A FRAY (Limited Edition) 10×12.5cm: A simple fold-out story about communication/ friendship, hand-sewn into a vintage newswrap, hand-stamped titles and hand-made rubber stamps. Numbered limited edition of 8 standard size and 4 long only. Please allow for differing paper quality/texture – the newswraps are over 40 yrs old! Comes with additional insert to give to a friend! FFI and views inside, see hereSORRY SOLD OUT

I have now repackaged these with non-limited edition cover, which will be available soon.

A FRAY (Limited Edition – tall) 10×20.5cm: See above

UK £6.00
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EUROPE £7.00
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WORLD £8.00
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