Children’s Books

You can buy books I’ve written or illustrated from this page. Click the links below images, which will take you through to Amazon UK site. Click back cover for info. Thank you!

It Takes Two to T’wit T’woo, Bonney Press, 2012, authorTwit_front_webTwit_back_web
Buy It takes Two to T’wit T’woo

Roble’s Rain Dance, Bonney Press 2012, authorRoble_front_webRoble_back_web
Buy Roble’s Rain Dance (Bonney Press)

Little Red Riding Hood, Franklin Watts, 2001, illustratorLLRH_frontLLRH_back_web

Buy Little Red Riding Hood (Leapfrog Fairy Tales)

Stories for Girls (anthology), Igloo, 2008, illustrator of 3 stories (one pictured here)SfG_insideBuy Stories for Girls (Treasuries)

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