Comics about fertility/ miscarriage/ childlessness

These works are strictly copyrighted to myself. If you are interested in using them, please write to me to request. For media that will be sold, I can license them on a non-exclusive basis for a fee based on size of image, print run, territory and time-scale. Please do not use these images anywhere without my permission – thank you!

The following comics were made between 2006 and 2013. I’ve collected some of the more recent full-colour ones in ‘X Utero – A Cluster of Comics’, available here.

24 thoughts on “Comics about fertility/ miscarriage/ childlessness

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  2. It occurred to me if you have ever done a comic on whether or not child-free adults are more “youthful” at times? Simply because they haven’t had the heavy responsibilities of parenting.

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  19. i Like your artworks very much Paula Knight! I am a graficdesigner from germany, i need friends here in wordpress!🙂

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