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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I stumbled across your comics last year, while we were going through our first miscarriage. The isolation & devastation I felt wasn’t something we were prepared for; after all, our lives hadn’t changed at all, really. Things just went back to the way they had been. Your artwork has been so helpful & healing to me. As Mother’s Day approaches & I grieve the babies that we’ve lost, I can’t tell you how much knowing that other women out there “get it” helps. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been through.

    • Thanks so much for coming here and sharing your experience, too! I found it very touching to read your comment and, of course, I’m always interested to hear about whatever impact this work has – especially when I’ve sometimes wondered if sharing it is a good idea or not. Isolation seems to be a common thread among people who’ve had miscarriages – and I know what you mean about how life doesn’t change on the surface of things and then carries on as before. Very very best wishes for your future, and thanks again for getting in touch, Sigrid!:-)

  2. Hi Paula: I love your work and would like to feature some of it in a book chapter for a book I am working on about infertility. Is there an email address I could privately mail you the permissions letter if you are so inclined? Thanks. As an infertile person your work has meant a lot to me.


  3. Hi Paula I am a Features writer for a newly launched website called – please feel free to have a look at us and I’m sure you will like what you see! We aim to be a one-stop trustworthy online resource for anybody entering the emotionally and intellectually bombarding world of infertility – we aim to offer advice, information and support. We would love to interview you and write an article on you – if you are interested in meeting up please contact me at Many thanks Moira

    • Hello Moira,
      Thank you for getting in touch. That sounds interesting. I’ve told Myriad Editions’ publicist about this and given her your details, so we’ll be in touch soon!
      Very best Wishes


  4. Hi Paula,

    I’m an Illustration student in Brighton and i have fibromyalgia too. It’s so cool to see your sketchbook work. I’m making an animation at the moment and i’m personifying the syndrome. You’ve been an inspiration and just a reassurance that working with the pain can make some pretty interesting work 🙂 Thank you very much


    • Hi Holly,
      Thanks for getting touch and kind words! That sounds really interesting and I’d love to see it when it’s finished. Sorry to hear you also have FM – but well done for still getting to college.
      All the best

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