I’ve had to make one or two journeys due to family illness this year and, when not driving, I’ve found it to be quite absorbing to draw the fast-changing landscape of motorways. It takes my mind off things. The drawings are very wobbly, of course, due to the movement of both the vehicle and subject matter – but I like that quality. I became excited by the shapes of those 1950s concrete motorway bridges – and I started to fixate on the CCTV cameras. I also found the black digital display boards to be somewhat foreboding and ‘looming’ when they didn’t contain any information. They’re just the right size to be spooky in some way. Maybe it was just the mood I was in! See if you can guess what I was listening to…


On the rocks

I’ve just got home after a couple of days off visiting the coast of North Somerset and North Devon. While sitting (uncomfortably) on the pebble ridge at Porlock, I found a lump of charcoal, which inspired me to draw on some pebbles. I used to do this as a child – it was the in thing in the 70s. I also had a 2B pencil, and black and white chinagraph markers in my bag, which made things a bit easier. I’d forgotten my scalpel so the charcoal lump soon lost its efficacy. It ended up as a small visual diary of the trip. I like drawing on pebbles because of the texture; it feels nice: