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Today is my 1st blogiversary so I’d like to say a big thank you to my followers who’ve shared, liked, and commented here over the past year. I’ve been pretty darn chuffed by the response to my work and I really do appreciate the support you’ve shown. So, here’s to you guys, from Spooky Womb and me!

Spooky Womb Christmas card, copyright Paula Knight  2012

Spooky Womb Christmas card, copyright Paula Knight 2012

Childless or child-free?

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There are supportive communities online for those who are childless by circumstance and for those who are childless by choice. I’ve never felt that I can totally identify myself with either label.

I’m not keen on any term that defines you by what you are not. It seems rather negative. There has been much discussion about this topic on Gateway Women, a site conceived by Jody Day to bring together, and celebrate, women who don’t have children for whatever reason. She coined the term ‘nomo’ (not a mother). Again, the term certainly isn’t for me for the reasons stated above, but the site has some interesting articles and is a good place to go if you’re seeking solidarity with others in a similar situation.

In short, people who didn’t procreate shouldn’t have to be defined by that very fact. However, and all too often, women of my age are.