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mytalk_Comicsmedicine4_brighton _UniSussex.

Photo by Ian Williams.

Last year, I presented my work at Ethics Under Cover: Comics, Medicine and Society (4th International Conference on Comics and Medicine). I spoke on a panel named ‘Who’s Story is it?’ alongside Peaco Todd, Linda Raphael and Mita Mahato. Here is a link to the podcast (mine is second on the recording): Graphic Medicine Podcast: Brighton Panel 4A

My talk was titled ‘In or Out: Considering the impact on others of writing and sharing graphic memoir’. I spoke about my work in progress in relation to the responsibility for secondary characters’ stories in memoir (those who have not asked to be in a book), especially where medical details are involved. I also spoke about my other comics about fertility, miscarriage and childlessness and the response to sharing that personal work on social networking sites between 2011 and 2013.

The conference provided a generous portion of brain food, and I heartily recommend creators with medical/ health themes to their work to attend, or propose a paper to, future conferences. Also, do check out the Graphic Medicine Podcast archive where you will find interviews and talks by many talented comics creators and academics whose work reflects the ‘interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare.’ (Graphic Medicine website quote).

This panel took place first thing on a Sunday morning, so I’m sure those delegates who were still wisely tucked up in bed will welcome the chance to hear it. Although I’m still not sure how anyone ever sleeps in Brighton with those tireless over-enthusiastic seagulls.

7 thoughts on “Graphic Medicine podcast

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thanks, and glad you enjoyed it!

      I’ve added your book to my to-read list but only when I’ve finished writing mine! There are a few things I want to read by other non-mums eventually. x

      • Ah thank you, but no hurry (or obligation!). I have a huge pile of books yet to read and I totally understand about not wanting to be influenced by someone else’s take on a similar subject. Happy writing and drawing. Jessica x

  1. Thank you! It’s not necessarily that I would be influenced rather that if I’ve’ said’ the same thing, I might feel I should remove it – despite everyone having their own unique experience of these situations, of course. I just want to be as authentic as possible, I guess! Either way – it’s great that people are using their talents to nurture this long overdue discourse and I’m looking forward to catching up on it all next year.

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