I made this a while ago, but, although it’s just a rough, I felt a strong urge to get it out this week after the latest nonsense from our leader, David Cameron, on labelling our multicultural/faith country ‘Christian’. Unlikely, but if he ever reads this, he could consider panel 1, bubble 2.

This depicts my earliest experiences of feeling marginalised and different by the common denominator of Christianity. I’ll finish it and elaborate one day, but I’m too busy working on my book at the moment. Suffice to say, DC does not speak for me.

(click to enlarge)


PJK_Unholy2BOD, for anyone unclear on that.




3 thoughts on “Unchristened

  1. Well, you learn something new on Wikipedia every day. A children’s television programme that’s underpinned by Taoist beliefs? You could have believed in Bod after all, Paula!

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