Comica Festival Comiket

I have a half-table (No 36) at Comica Comiket on November 10th which takes place at The Bishopsgate Institute, London. It’s my first comics fair so feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I started my creative career selling hand-made cards on stalls and at craft fairs in the early 90s, so it’s been a long time hiding in my studio… Here’s what will be available:

Spooky Womb (A true-ish uterine tale) A 12-pp story about a woman’s relationship with her uterus (see my previous post). B&W with hand-coloured cover elements:

A Fray A few years ago I found some beautiful vintage newswraps (used to wrap around newspapers). I made one or two birthday cards with them but always wanted to make them into a booklet.  I’d occasionally take them out of the drawer to stroke them and wonder what to do, but was waiting for the right thing. Inside there is an adhesive strip which says ‘Strip-easy’ so it had to be something comicky!  It also had to be something to do with communication – related to the idea of news, perhaps. I used to make some of my cards using hand-carved rubber stamps so I made some new ones for this. It’s a very small story about friendship and miscommunication. Handle with care: The paper is over 30 yrs old and the creases are brittle!

It’s a fold-out 8-page story, hand-stitched with embroidery thread into a vintage newswrap and home-made rubber-stamped. Each one varies as to paper colour and, er, stamping errors! Strictly limited number-stamped edition of 8 small and 4 tall  (all I have and no idea where to find more). The inserts will be available separately and you get one free (to give to a friend?) if you buy the newswrap. The first one sold will be wrapped in original labelling, as shown:

And finally, to lighted up (sort-of) with cheesy puns, Comixmas Card 001, A6 with red envelope

I’ll also be taking the first few pages of my graphic memoir in progress, The Facts of Life. And, a comic each by Smoo and Misinterpreted Complications – we’re doing a Thought Bubble/ Comiket swap.

See you there? Come and say hi!

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