I wonder if looking at other people’s doodles might be akin to listening to their dreams i.e. poignant to the originator but not quite so to the listener/viewer. But what-the-flip? Here you are:

I have a box in my studio containing almost a year’s worth of recycling. While rifling through looking for something, I noticed all the scribblings. These are mainly from a notebook I use when proofreading. Looks like there are one or two phallic symbols in there for good measure, and some very ‘female’-looking pens. My doodles tend to be based on things lying around on my desk, bits of text/typography that I can see, and imagined characters. Houses pop up regularly, too. If anyone looks at these and comes to the conclusion that I’m really screwed up or need help, do let me know!

The Doodle Revolution looks like an interesting website – keep meaning to have a closer look.


3 thoughts on “Doodles

  1. I remember when researching one thing or another coming across an entire school of (art?) (psychology?) that studied the meaning of doodles…can’t say more than that, just that I remember they talked about a doodle craze that started (back in the 50’s?) as a result and everybody trying to figure out the meaning of their doodles.

    • That sounds interesting. Had a search on internet but couldn’t find anything, although there were a few articles about how doodling is meant to aid memory and learning. Let me know if you remember the school of doodling!

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