I thought it timely to post these couple of pages from the memoir I’m working on. It’s mainly for the benefit of vagina-shy Mike Callton, Michigan Republican, who took offense to the word’s use by Lisa Brown when she was opposing a new anti-choice law. Full story here.

If he were to read this little story, he would see that it offers two or three alternatives to the heinous ‘vagina’ that he might find more suitable in adult company. Not sure that ‘virginia’ or ‘front bottom’ would have seen him through his biology degree though.

I must stress that these pages are about children wanting to learn the correct anatomical terms in a bid to feel more grown-up and mature. So, on second thoughts, perhaps not quite right for fully-grown males with inordinate amounts of responsibility, control and power to legislate over women’s bodies – and minds.


4 thoughts on “Virginiagate

  1. I like it.

    They’re really pathetic, aren’t they, shutting down on the word vagina. And the other woman senator who wanted to talk about funding for Viagra, totally relevant I’d have thought!

  2. I wonder what they would have it called then. Or are we not supposed to call it anything at all? Or even better, not have anything ‘down there’?

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